Asus® P4P800S-X motherboard and Windows® 7.

I know there are no Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 drivers released by Asus® for the P4P800S-X motherboard. The actual computer had an Asus A9550 AGP video card installed so I will include that in this article. Windows® 7 did a good job of installing device drivers for most of the components. The only component that needed a new device driver was the audio system and I found that by searching the Internet. I also installed updated drivers for the Realtek RTL8139/810x ethernet NIC. I have installed every driver listed so I know they work under Windows® 7.

Windows® 7 install procedure for Asus® P4P800S-X motherboard.

All the drivers used in this article can be downloaded here. (26.4MB)
The Asus A9550 AGP video card drivers can be downloaded here. (160.0MB)

Some files may require that you set compatibility before the install. You only need to set compatibility on the acutal executable file (the install program to run).

  1. Install Windows® 7
  2. Install Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 - if needed
    My Windows® 7 Ultimate included Service Pack 1
    I would recommend installing Service Pack 1 before installing the drivers
  3. Install ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series display drivers:
    Run Setup found in "Radeon_9550\Vista32-64\10-02_dd_ccc"
    During the install you may get a "Windows security" warning, install anyway
    Run Setup found in "Radeon_9550\Vista32-64\10-02_wdm"
  4. Install SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio drivers:
    Set compatibility to Windows Server 2003 SP1 first, then
    Run setup found in "p4p800s-x\Audio\5410"
  5. Install Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC drivers:
    Set compatibility to Windows Vista SP2 first, then
    Run setup found in "p4p800s-x\Network\Vista_6108_0725"
Asus® CD\DVD burning software.

I did not actually install any CD\DVD software but I see no reason why any current software version would not work.

Asus® P4P800S-X motherboard observations.

The Windows Experience Index is only 2.2 because of the graphics component. Aero is working but I did not do much testing.